Promiscuous Cookies – Security Now 753

Clearview AI, Windows 7 Won’t Shut Down
•  Twitter, Google, and Facebook tell Clearview AI to stop stealing your face to catch crooks
•  The NIST is testing methods to recover data from smashed smartphones
•  Whoa! We get to REMAIN with Security Essentials under Windows 7!
•  Microsoft drops a fix for the wallpaper stretch black screen
•  Windows 7 users are being told: “You don’t have permission to shut down this computer.”
•  Win10 Firefox users being “reminded” about Edge
•  Last week Google closed an Android RCE flaw in the BlueTooth daemon.
•  Data Exfiltration Technique of the Week
•  CIA Uses Crypto AG to spy on the world
•  Chrome 80 appeared last week with its implementation of the updated handling of the optional “SameSite” enforcement cookie property

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