Iranian Campaign, Twitter Conspiracy, Bangladesh Hacked – SWN #9

This week, a Everyone wins in Iowa, Twitter has conspiracy theories?, Hackers steal billions and don’t get caught, Iowa Election Apps secured by "obscurity", and the top 24 passwords found on the Dark Web. Jason Wood talks about a New Iranian Campaign Tailored to US Companies Utilizes an Updated Toolset.

Time Stamps:

2:09 – Iowa caucus voting app’s ‘security through obscurity’ seeds disinformation and legitimacy concerns
3:05 – Delayed results lead to confusion in Iowa
3:36 – Iowa’s Tally-by-App experiment fails
5:17 – Everyone wins in Iowa
5:44 – Competitions on Russian-language cybercriminal forums: Sharing expertise or threat actor showboating?
6:48 – AppSec concerns Drove 61% of business to change applications
9:06 – Twitter bans @zerohedge account after it doxxed a Chinese scientist
10:29 – Facebook pays a half a billion settlement over biometric privacy
11:00 – The billion dollar hit job on Bangladesh
15:20 – That relationship is toxic for you
18:29 – ‘Anonymized’ Data is meaningless bullshit
20:00 – Enterprise Hardware still vulnerable to memory lane attacks

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