January 14, 2020 – SWN #3

This week on Security Weekly News, Dr. Doug White covers the following stories: Tesla Goes Pwn2Own Again This Year, GRU "hacks" a Ukranian Gas Company at the Heart of Scandals in DC, Is Iran Shutting Down Social Media to Prevent Protests?, The US Government Issues Phones to the Poor Which Contain Chinese Malware. Oh, and the phones were Chinese too, Cloudflare Expands Into VPN and Firewalling, Microsoft has Officially Ended Support for Win 7 and Server 2008, A Nasty Bug in Firefox, Citrix Exploits are Being Well… Exploited, Can We Just Go Ahead and Read the Patterns in Encryption?, Cisco Data Center Vulnerabilities, More Lawsuits in Georgia, The Return of Emotet, Never Give the Victim a Break if You Want Them to Pay, and Is the US Better Than Anyone in the World at Cyber? In the expert commentary segment, Jason Wood covers the State of 5G Security.

Time Stamps:

3:11 – Tesla returns to Pwn2Own hacking competition with Model 3 as target and prize
4:17 – Russian spies hacked Ukraninian gas company at heart of Trump impeachment trial, company says
6:04 – Is Iran’s internet down? Country faces fresh web outages during protests over downed plane
8:27 – US-government issued phones run ‘Chinese malware’
9:35 – Microsoft to Officially end support for Windows 7, Server 2008
11:05 – Hackers are abusing a bug in Firefox to take over computers
12:20 – Major Brazilian Bank tests homomorphic encryption on Financial data
14:05 – CISCO Data center vulnerabilities
15:16 – Data breach class actions Georgia Supreme Court finds allegations of imminent risk of identity
17:56 – Emotet Malware restarts spam attacks after holiday break
18:56 – Nemty ransomware to start leaking non-paying victim’s data
30:30 – Trump says US is ‘better at cyber than anyone in the world’

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