#6 Parse and Visualize pFsense Firewall Logs for Free using Graylog and Grafana

In this video i will show you how to parse and visualize firewall (pfsense in this case) logs in graylog and grafana. Its easy to setup and i hope you will enjoy the end product, which is meaningful, beautiful and easy to understand graphs. Please like and subscribe if you find this video to be helpful.

Here are the links:

1) Text Instructions :https://github.com/lmakonem/pfsense-graylog
2) How to Install Graylog : https://youtu.be/wXzYtmZsFUw
3) Fix Cerebro for CentOS: https://github.com/lmenezes/cerebro/issues/376
4)How to Install grafana in 10 minutes :https://youtu.be/xWnI3sHMbGI
Original project:https://github.com/opc40772/pfsense-graylog/issues/15


Author: admin